In this episode I talk to Arik Mendelevitz, Arik (are-rick) has been doing martial arts since 2001 and historical fencing since 2008. Although his initial focus was in the rapier of Nicoletto Giganti, in the past few years he has moved more and more into the Bolognese school, focusing equally on sidesword and the sword in two hands. He has used his study of the Bolognese texts to help him win numerous SCA cut & thrust tournaments. During lockdown he spent an entire year teaching live, online, Bolognese longsword classes. He is currently slated as a guest instructor for the upcoming Bolognese-focused VISS and is excited to expand his horizons and cross-pollinate with folks from the HEMA world. In addition to his fencing, Arik is also a professional circus performer focusing on juggling and fire performing.


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