This week's guest is the Vadi master himself, the Steve Zissou of Hipster Longsword, Mr. Connor Kemp-Cowell. Connor is by far one of my favorite fencers in HEMA, his dedication to, and utilization of canonical techniques doesn't only look amazing, it's helped him make it to the finals in scores of tournaments across the US. He's a dedicated scholar that doesn't take himself too seriously, keeping kindness, equity, and courtesey in the forefront of his affront on the HEMA Community, where he's helped bring Vadi from the fringes of the collective conscious into the imaginations of practitioners of every discipline. Connor is a truly special human being, a bonafide hero that's worked on the front lines of the pandemic in a busy emergency room in Philly, on top of being an incredibly accomplished fencer. He's started to dive into the Bolognese texts, so I thought it would be a good time to pull him away from saving lives and kicking ass to ask him how that was going.

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