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l’Arte Dell Armi, the Bolognese podcast where we discuss the intricacies of the Bolognese tradition with the practitioners, translators, authors and teachers working to bring the art back to life.

Stay Saucy My Friends!

In this episode of l'Arte Dell Armi, Stephen and Joshua press Greg Mele on what it takes to structure a school, what constitutes a good interpretation, validating interpretations, how to deal with the challenges of interpretation, the value of history in WMA/HEMA and how that affects interpretation...

*Take a breath*

...What constitutes a good translation, the perils of translation,  how we should approach exisiting translations, creating new translations, and then we end it with our favorite Condottieri. *Whew* Boy, if this isn't the most informative two hours of your life!

Stay suacy my friends!

David Biggs is back! Following-up on our previous discussion, David and Josh dive deep into tactics, and suss out the secret sauce of Antonio Manciolino's Opera Nova. 

In this episode of l'Arte Dell Armi, we begin our monthly installment of Maestro Wars, a histroical deep-dive on this history of the city of Bologna, featuring two larger than life figures, Guido Rangoni and Ugo Pepoli. This months installment features a narrative teaser, a look at Marozzo and Viggiani's text where they mention our noble characters, and a discussion about the founding of il Casino. 

Stay saucy my friends!

In this episode I talk to Arik Mendelevitz, Arik (are-rick) has been doing martial arts since 2001 and historical fencing since 2008. Although his initial focus was in the rapier of Nicoletto Giganti, in the past few years he has moved more and more into the Bolognese school, focusing equally on sidesword and the sword in two hands. He has used his study of the Bolognese texts to help him win numerous SCA cut & thrust tournaments. During lockdown he spent an entire year teaching live, online, Bolognese longsword classes. He is currently slated as a guest instructor for the upcoming Bolognese-focused VISS and is excited to expand his horizons and cross-pollinate with folks from the HEMA world. In addition to his fencing, Arik is also a professional circus performer focusing on juggling and fire performing.


Check out his Blog: https://foolofswords.home.blog/

Ian Davis

This week's guest is Ian Davis, Ian studies Italian fencing from the 14th to 16th centuries, including Fiore, Pietro Monte, and later Bolognese and Paduan sidesword methods. He teaches dagger and wrestling at Boston Amrmazare, he transitioned to HEMA from Filipino Martial arts from Jeet Kune Do, and focuses on bringing Fiore into the modern combative/self-defense context. He's published translated the works of Philippo Vadi, and the Anonimo Riccardiano. 



This week's guest is the Vadi master himself, the Steve Zissou of Hipster Longsword, Mr. Connor Kemp-Cowell. Connor is by far one of my favorite fencers in HEMA, his dedication to, and utilization of canonical techniques doesn't only look amazing, it's helped him make it to the finals in scores of tournaments across the US. He's a dedicated scholar that doesn't take himself too seriously, keeping kindness, equity, and courtesey in the forefront of his affront on the HEMA Community, where he's helped bring Vadi from the fringes of the collective conscious into the imaginations of practitioners of every discipline. Connor is a truly special human being, a bonafide hero that's worked on the front lines of the pandemic in a busy emergency room in Philly, on top of being an incredibly accomplished fencer. He's started to dive into the Bolognese texts, so I thought it would be a good time to pull him away from saving lives and kicking ass to ask him how that was going.



Devon Boorman

In this week's episode of l'Arte Dell Armi, I get the distinct pleasure of talking with Devon Boorman, co-founder and director of Academie Duello, in Vancouver, Canada. From Ted Talks to Academie Duello online, Deven has reached, mentored, and inspired fencers across the globe.


 Website: www.academieduello.com

DuelloTV: www.duello.tv

Swordplay Masterclass (www.swordplaymasterclass.com) and the event website www.vancouverswordplay.com

Fran Lacuata

In this week's episode of l'Arte Dell Armi, I sit down and talk with Fran Lacuata. Fran is a freelance writer and editor, lead instructor at The School of the Sword in Godalming, UK, and the CEO and founder of By the Sword; she's has been studying Bolognese swordplay and Rapier for over eleven years. We talk a lot about sword and buckler, a little Rapier, weave our way through the sources, and wrap it all up by talking about all of the awesome projects she's involved in; from tournaments, events, to her awesome podcast. Check it out, and stay saucy my friends! 


Link to the By the Sword Patreon:








By the sword website (event and podcast:


Pike Pullen

Pike Pullen is an instructor at Swordwind historical swordsmanship in Charlotte, NC. He started out studying early KdF, and eventually transitioned to studying the Bolognese system. For the past four years, he's almost exclusively studied the four principle texts of the Bolognese system, and some destreza, focusing on the works of Godinho. 

In this installment of l'Arte Dell Armi, Stephen Fratus and I pour a drink, sit down, and chat about Bolognese fencing, no structure, no script, just two dudes, hanging out, talking fencing. 

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